Back To The Future…
A Future of Republican Victory in California.

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YES, Steve it’s time for you. I wholeheartedly endorse and support your bid to be our next State Chair!


1. I will immediately establish a comprehensive statewide voter registration program on a county by county basis.

2. I will immediately establish a comprehensive program to strengthen and integrate each County Central Committee into a cohesive juggernaut with which to take on the Socialists in the Democrat Party.

3. Under my leadership there will be no Democrat left unchallenged. I will work with our various Central Committees to see to it that in every Legislative District there is a Republican challenger.

4. Likewise, as a “from the ground up” State Chair, I want to work with every Central Committee and all GOP activists to field as many Republican candidates for Regional, County, Local and Special Boards. The Republican Mayor or School Board Member of today, is the Assemblyman, State Senator or Governor of tomorrow.

5. I will establish a media taskforce to carry our message to every corner of California. No request for an interview will go unanswered, no false or misleading statement by a Democrat will be allowed to pass. For too long we have allowed the media a free pass at being the lap dogs for the Democrats, under my leadership that ends on my first day.

6. I will always be available to you. I will set regular regional and local Republican meetings, as well as utilize Zoom and other social media to hear your suggests, complaints, whatever input you have for our Party. I will be a Chairman for all Republicans, not just a small handful of insiders.

7. Under my leadership all Board Meetings of the Party will be open to any and all delegates who wish to attend. All delegates will be allowed full time for their questions to be asked and answered.

8. As your Chair I will put an end to the excessive and abusive emails that delegates have had to endure for the last two years. Gone will be the disingenuous misleading emails so many of us have had to endure.

9. I will put an end to the support for and endorsement of any elected Republican who has either engaged in sexual harassment or allowed any member of his or her staff to harass any female. As the Father of two daughters, I’ve always held them on a pedestal and sought to protect them. We need to be vigilant always and protect women in the legislature and workplace ALWAYS.